Monday, October 11, 2010

5 Things That I Hate...

1. To see others cry... it is against my personality... all the while i have been cheerful to people around me is because i believe that emotions can spread to others around you... if you are feeling sad you would probably spread it to friends among you... this is why i would like to spread this cheerful and happy feeling as much as i can around me... but seeing others around me cry, its like a sign that tells me i have failed... sooner or later, me myself will be affected by this sad feeling as well... which is why i dont like to see people around me cry...

2. To be threatened or blackmailed... if you have known me for long enough, you will know that im a soft person inside... if you wanted something from me or wants me to do something for you, all you have to do is to ask nicely and gently. On the other hand, if you use force or threaten me to get what you want, the end result will be totally opposite of what you will get from me.

3. To guess what is in a girls mind... here's the truth, i suck at guessing a girl's mind. wouldn't it be easier if they just tell you what is in their mind and what they want straight? it gets me really frustrated knowing that you want something from me but having no idea what it is! here's the fact about me, subtle hints dont work on me, obvious hints dont work on me, and if you keep hinting me of what you want from me, you are just wasting your time. just get straight to the point and tell me what you want. the world would work wonders this way...

4. To be told or reminded to do something repeatedly... why? it shows that you do not trust me enough to do it. and if you do not trust me enough to do it anyway, why ask me to do it in the first place? get somebody that you can trust to do it for you and it will save me a lot of trouble... and it really gets me frustrated to be constantly reminded of something once every 5 minute...
A: can you pick me up at the front door of timesquare tonight at 9pm?
Me: ok sure...
(few hours later...)
A: you are picking me up at timesquare later right?
Me: yes...
A: dont forget its 9pm tonight...
Me: ok...
(few hours later...)
A: dont forget to pick me up at timesquare later at 9pm...
Me: i said i will be there and i will! what are you worying about?
A: i dont know, you might forget or fell asleep or etc etc etc
(who falls asleep at 9pm anyway???)
(just before 9pm...)
A: are you on the way to pick me up yet??? dont forget its the front door...
Me: !@#$%^&*()!@#$%^&*

see how frustrating it gets everytime i get reminded of the same thing over and over again? of you do not have enough faith in me then dont ask me to do it in the first place. ask others that you have faith in.

5. To be framed and accused of something... if i say i love u with all my heart, i mean it. and i will be willing to sacrifice anything just for you to prove it to you. all you need to do is ask. but yet, it really hurts my heart when so much have been sacrificed and yet you can still deny what i have done for you with just a single sentence. by accusing me and saying that i hate you means that all that i have sacrificed for you before this means nothing to you. therefore, this tells me that in the future, i do not need to do anything to impress you because whatever i do i will only just go to waste and you will probably say that i hate you anyway in the end.

Monday, October 4, 2010

10 Things girls don't know about guys...

1. When you kiss us for the first time, we close our eyes for a second then open one to see if your eyes are closed as well. If they are we get the thumbs up signal from you saying you like us back and we will add more passion to the kiss. Thats why some girls realize first kisses gets better with every second that pass by.

2. In a relationship, whenever a girl is far away from us they're always on our mind. No matter how hard we try, she'll always be the first thing we think of in the morning and the last thing we think of before we went to sleep every night. Sure, guys tell this to girls all the time but it's not bullshit if a good guy tells you this while looking at you straight in your eyes. Hold on to him because he's the one who will cherish every moment he spends with you and will remember every second.

3. Don't be afraid to tell us what's wrong. Whether it's your best friend or your family, hurt you in any way. We will fight for you and even if we end up in the hospital we won't care because we know you will be right by our side when we wake up. No matter what you can always trust a guy that cares for you well always to be there to catch you when you fall.

4. If a guy wants to kiss you for the first time he will do three things...
  • look at you so deeply in your eyes as if he is staring at your soul...
  • tell you something romantic such as if the world would end tomorrow he is glad to have spent his last day with you...
  • give you a peck and wait for you to lean in to continue... ( sign of true gentleman)
5. The moment we say goodbye to you we always wished we had one more minute with you. One more minute whether it's spent talking to you or hugging you or just looking to each other's eye and smiling. When we say that we wish we could've spend more time together we actually mean it. You are the best part of our day and the last person we want to say goodbye to. And know that you are the one we look forward to meet at the end of a long and tiring day at work. Don't ask us not to come and find you and go get some rest at home because you are worried we are too tired after our long day of work. Meeting you after a long day simply takes all the exhaustion away from us immediately.

6. When you start talking about something and you start running out of breath, we know you are trying to tell us you like us so you talk about something non-stop. A smart guy would put one hand on your waist and with the other hand he will either hold your hands tightly or cup your cheeks and kiss you. If he does this when you break apart, the only thing that would make it even more special, is for you to forget what you were talking about and admit it. Don't lie because we know when you are lying.

7. When we slow dance together, it's the one moment we both remember. Girls will think it's very cute and perfect and some will even remember the song we danced to. Just remember we don't care about songs and we would slow dance to a girl we really like with no music at all if it is. No matter how long we will always remember the moment we spent together and make it count. Life is our dance floor. Love is our rhythm. And you are the music.

8. It's all right if a girl once had something really special with a good guy once and it's over. Don't stop talking to us. And if you trusted us once you always can. And if you and a guy didn't work out together, don't ignore his hellos even if he broke up with you. We know it's hard but the last thing any guy wants is to lose everything he had so even if it's over stay friends. We know no more hugs and kisses but you can't change what happened between us. You will always have a shoulder to cry on and a friend to rely on when you need help. Once a friend always a friend.

9. Don't argue when we pay for you. Sure we do it because its cute and a lovely thing to do but we really do it because we wanted to. You can be the richest girl in the whole world and yet every time we were with you we become the richest guy in the whole world so please just say ok. We love buying gifts and opening doors for you. DON'T USE A GUY IF YOU HONESTLY THINK YOU WILL GET ANOTHER BOYFRIEND AFTER USING US. YOU'VE GOT ANOTHER THING COMING.

10. There are three major things...
  • A guy's first impression of a girl isn't "nice ass" or "huge tits". That's actually something we tell our buddies about girls we have met to show off and brag. What we really see first in a girl is her eyes, her smile and her confidence. If a girl isn't afraid to take control, that is one of the sexiest qualities a guy looks for.
  • Every straight guy's fantasy isn't a threesome.(for some guy it is but that just shows that they are not mature yet...) Our fantasy is to one day be able to wake up next to the girl of our dreams, look her in the eye and just forget about all our worries and strifes. We don't want to screw her brains off and just fall asleep next to her because we actually prefer relationships more than one night stands.
  • just because a girl is drop dead gorgeous doesn't mean we will like her and would die for her. That is bullshit. We want a girl that is perfect for us. Personality is what we look for not beauty. Beauty is something i would like to call "bonus points". If you are really ugly then you had better have a killer personality or you are screwed. So no matter what just remember, don't ask your boyfriends how you look because you look good to them in anything whether if it is a prom dress or T-shirts and shorts.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Sweet Memories~~~

Just had some free time and made some picture photoshops of me and my dear.... ^^








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Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Dedicate this romantic song to Winnie my dear... ^^ altho this is not the complete version of the song but in my opinion u will like this version better... ^^

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Hot Milk

On a night when we can't even see the moon
I opened my eyes and find myself alone
Curled up on the corner of my bed
Thinking of you and the wonders you've brought

You are by my side at night
Loving me sweetly
And when you say "Why do you love me?"
I have no idea at all

It makes me glad to know I am the one
The one that is most important to you
And you're definitely the one
The one who knows whats most important to me

I hugged you tightly in my arms
Along with that little belief of mine
So tight i can barely breathe myself
Because I want to feel you near me
My most important person
From now until forever

I will be sleeping soundly tonight
after drinking a glass of hot milk

I will be sleeping soundly tonight
Because you are here right next to me